Meditation as the new yoga: A new magazine celebrates the joy of quiet

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Cover_MindfulIs all the noise and commuting and hours of staring at screens stressing you out?   Isn’t anyone with a pulse multi-tasked beyond recognition these days?

A new magazine celebrates silence–and the growing body of scientific evidence that shows the benefits of the practice called mindfulness, or meditation.

Never mind the irony of the idea of more information…to help you deal with information overload.  Or, the irony of monetizing what we once took for granted: peace and quiet.

Indeed, with about 20 million practitioners, meditation could very well be the new yoga, which has become a multi-billion dollar business.

The publisher of this new Mindful Magazine: Taking Time for What Matters says his and his staff’s job is to curate the many tools and research and success stories involving mindfulness.  And to celebrate the fact that more people are reaping the benefits of the practice.

We first met Jim Gimian a few months back when we interviewed Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, who had just published a book called “A Mindful Nation.” (And Professor Jeremy Hunter of Claremont Graduate University, who teaches meditation to MBAs, is among the authors in the debut issue of the magazine.  So, too is writer Pico Iyer.  Heck, can you tell we’re into this stuff?)

Like Congressman Ryan, who was in town today to help launch the magazine here, Gimian stresses that there is nothing religious about mindfulness.

Hear our conversation about what it is–and how it’s touching business, education, and medicine–here: