Meet the newest candidate for LA Mayor: A corporation

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eleven declared candidates.  Now, a corporation has announced its intentions to enter the fray. It’s called Farmscape, a company of young entrepreneurial urban gardeners who’ll turn your yard into a food source.  They say they’re serious about their bid. Based on the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that declare “corporations are people, too,” Farmscape said it would work to get its name on the ballot.
Spokeswoman Rachel Ballin said, “We are very serious about running for mayor because we are curious and want to discover what the limits to the corporate person-hood ruling might be.” She said the company will attempt to register to vote, which involves convincing the board of elections. (Could be a sticking point: Farmscape’s only been in business for three years, not quite the necessary 18 years of age a person needs to be to vote.) If it makes it past that hurdle, it (he? she?) will register candidacy with the necessary thousand signatures and filing fee. And if doing it the conventional way fails, Ballin said Farmscape will wage a write-in campaign.  Publicity stunt?  Ballin says Farmscape is serious: “In the age of the socially responsible entrepreneur, perhaps we could find a way for corporate people to be if anything more ethical, effective, and patriotic citizens than plain, old-fashioned people. If corporations are people, perhaps an urban farming company is the best choice for LA Mayor.”Heck.  Campaigns have been built on thinner promises.  They already have a campaign pledge (“We can have our yards, and eat them, too”) and a video: