New documentary probes ‘the Jewish question”

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And the focus of their latest one, Between Two Worlds. The film is thought-provoking and controversial, to say the least: Should Jews be allowed to criticize other Jews?  Should they be allowed to embrace Palestinians?  Is intermarriage disloyal, immoral?

Snitow and Kaufman start the story with the uproar over the screening of a film critical of Israel at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival in 2009.  They weave in their personal stories of their families and the conflict of balance in the modern world.  They’re screening the film all over the United States and we talked to them in advance of a tour through Southern California.

“There’s so much diversity within the Jewish community when it comes to Israel.” Kaufman explains. But it’s a challenging conversation and Snitow says it’s only going to get harder to talk about these issues as the presidential campaign heats up

Listen to our conversation below: