One person’s trash is another’s masterpiece: Found objects as art in ‘Diverted Destruction’

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Liz Gordon has been in the salvage business her entire adult life.  For the past 7 years, besides selling old stuff – knobs, chandeliers, fixtures of all sorts – she’s given it away, and encouraged people to make art with it.

She calls the effort “Diverted Destruction.”

This year’s theme is paper, aka the pulp edition.  (She’s already got next year’s picked out: Textiles.)  A show she’s curated of work made with “found paper” is on display at the gallery upstairs from her salvage shop at 453 S. La Brea.  These artists turned scrap paper into some pretty great art, as you can see from the pictures.

You can participate, too.  This Saturday from 2-5pm there’ll be a free workshop where, alongside artists featured in this year’s show, you can try your hand at creative expression.

For more information, visit The Loft at Liz’s online.

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