Remembering Hollywood’s forgotten bad boy

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Ever heard of Jim Tully?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Tully was an itinerant novelist who rode the rails and became a literary sensation when he chronicled his adventures.  Why did he fade into obscurity after his death in 1947?

Richard Schave, Esotouric, and LAVA want to answer that question–and to help you celebrate this forgotten “hobo of Hollywood” with what they call a “Tullyfest.”

We invited Schave onto All Things Considered to talk about it.

Events include:

October 10 – LAUGHTER IN HELL screening at the American Cinematheque.

October 11 – REDISCOVERING JIM TULLY Bonnie Cashin Lecture at UCLA Library Special Collections and opening of exhibit (open thru December) of selections from the Jim Tully Papers

October 14 – JIM TULLY’S HOLLYWOOD walking tour

October 15 –The LAVA Salon honors JIM TULLY: A HOBO IN HOLLYWOOD