Remembering when motherhood was taboo in the art world

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Santa Monica Art Studios, says that’s how it used to be.

“The subject of motherhood was taboo in the art world in the 70’s,” she says.  “Women artists were advised not to disclose their motherhood status for it might interfere with their ability to progress in the art world.”

This show does the opposite. It celebrates the “maternal experience” in a variety of media, from a variety of generational viewpoints.  It’s on view through April.

(Anyone struggling with the question of how to balance motherhood with artistic expression will appreciate this documentary on a similar theme that crossed my desk last year, titled “Who Does She Think She Is?”)

A documentary that mirrors the themes of the show is in the works.  Watch the trailer:

Trailer for “Breaking In Two” from Sabine Sighicelli on Vimeo.