So, you think you can dance salsa?

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There’s music coming from an art gallery on lower State Street on Tuesday nights. Everyone’s welcome. You can come with a partner, a friend, or solo. For $5 (or a buck, if you’re a student), you, yes you, can learn to dance salsa.

Monica Dabos, the founder of Yes You Can Dance Salsa, aims to create an alcohol free experience that brings together all ages, backgrounds and dancing abilities.

But, even in a welcoming environment, dancing can be intimidating. KCRW’s Larry Perel swallowed his nerves and took a trip to find out if the class really lives up to its name.

Founder Monica Dabos was inspired when she happened upon salsa classes at a Jewish center in Isla Vista. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

“When you see that you are not good, but there is someone worse and someone better and you are somewhere in the middle, you feel some comfort in that.”


Yes You Can Dance Salsa holds classes every Tuesday at the Ayni Gallery (216 State St).

7-8pm Beginner class
8-9pm Intermediate class
Open Dancing until 11pm