Stories from a gentrifying Boyle Heights

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Over the last six months, reporters at the Boyle Heights Beat have been looking at gentrification in their neighborhood. They’ve produced several audio stories about how gentrification is changing the neighborhood – from the local barber shop to the mariachi protests. Below are their stories.

Photo: Rosario Bonilla

Reporter Rosario Bonilla looks at how artists in Boyle Heights are facing eviction. In her report, she talks to the playwright of Sideways Fences, a story about being forced out.

Photo: Alex Medina

Reporter Alex Medina visits a local barbershop to find out what it’s like to set up business in a changing Boyle Heights. Many think the shop owner left the community and came back a gentrifier.

Photo: Jacqueline Ramírez

Reporter Jacqueline Ramírez reports on a protest against Trump’s move to repeal DACA.

The Boyle Heights youth radio project is a collaboration between KCRW’s Independent Producer Project and Boyle Heights Beat managed by Producer Jesse Hardman. Boyle Heights Beat is a youth-led community news project in an immigrant neighborhood of Los Angeles.