Take that, Oscars: Making movies, the iPhone and Steve Jobs

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57th birthday of Steve Jobs, and this morning I opened my email to find this clever film, made in his honor.  Not only is it about Steve Jobs, kind of, it’s made on one of his lasting legacies: the iPhone. (At least, it was shot on one.  The audio’s way too good to not have been sweetened.)  Since 300 or so people had watched it this morning, the film’s gone viral: up to 10-thousand views at this point.  If I tell you what it’s about, it’ll give away the gimmick, but it’s worth checking out:

I have no idea why or how the Korean film director Wonsuk Chin has me on his mailing list, but I’m glad he did, because this film was a fun way to start the day.

And inspirational, too.  Just because you have an iPhone may not mean you’re gonna tell a great story, but it’s exciting to see that someone can use the smart-phone to creative ends.  That whole level-the-playing-field thing we’ve been hearing about for over a decade now gets truer and truer with each technological leap.