Tattoos explode, right before your eyes, from body to canvas

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KGB Studios on North Spring Street downtown, the model Alli Cat will pose for three hours as artists Anna Stump and Ted Meyer create a 9 x 9 foot canvas of art around her, inspired by her body art.

“Besides being hot and intelligent–our favorite combo,” Stump said, this model has “a unique full back and arms tattoo.” Birdcages on each hand, with birds flying up one arm, across her back and down the other:  “It’s such a wonderful metaphor for our daily grind, and although it could be depressing, the tattoo is full of life and beauty.”

Meyer added, “We look for models that are comfortable in front of a crowd, and who like to show off their  tattooed skin and understand the performance aspect of it. It’s about the painting, the choice in tattoo the model already has on their body, and their enjoyment of having a portrait done.”

The series began as an exploration of the southern California fixation on the body, Stump said: “How tattoo decoration appropriates pop imagery from other cultures and religions.  The body interacts with the patterns of itself, an image of an image.”

The artistic duo have performed “Exploding Tattoo” at a number of venues, including the Oceanside Museum of Art and at an offshoot of Documenta in Kassel, Germany. There, Stump said, for the final shoot, “our model stripped totally nude in front of a large audience.”

Who knows what will happen on Saturday night with Alli Cat? You’ll have to show up to find out. And in case you’re inspired, tattoo artists will also be on hand, including:  James Tran of Full Circle Tattoo, George Labrada of Evil or Sacred Tattoo, Misha of Zulu Tattoo, and sculptor Stuart Kusher.


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