Television taking center stage at 2016 Comic-Con

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game of thrones hbo.jpegComic-Con, the annual convention devoted to all things sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book is underway in San Diego.

The convention features, as always, some big movie-related events, including an outdoor screening of the new “Star Trek Beyond” movie and a panel dedicated to the 30th anniversary of  “Aliens”, complete with an appearance by star Sigourney Weaver.

But Daniel Holloway, senior TV reporter for Variety, says these days, television is playing a bigger and bigger role at Comic-Con. “MacGyver” remake anyone?

“The other thing that’s playing into this is that some companies have started to experiment with holding their own fan events. Comic-Con is not the only game in town.”

Listen: KCRW’s Chery Glaser previews Comic-Con with Daniel Holloway, senior TV reporter for Variety.