The LA Zoo wants to raise its prices, again

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lazooIt’s been steadily getting more expensive to visit the lions, tigers and bears, etc. at the Los Angeles Zoo – and city officials may not be done with price hikes.

For the third straight year, The LA City Council will consider hiking the price of a ticket by $1 to the Griffith park attraction today.

The new prices would be $20 for people over 13, $15 for kids 12 or under, and $17 for seniors. For adults, that’s double what it cost to attend the Zoo seven years ago, and for children it’s three times as much.

la-zoo5The latest proposed increase is part of a three-year agreement with GLAZA, the nonprofit that handles marketing, public relations and other duties for the zoo.
GLAZA officials say the fee increase would generate $850,000 in additional revenue next year. And they say it’s needed because their stepped up marketing efforts haven’t generated the attendance increase that was anticipated.

The Zoo has been making progress updating its animal habitats.The most recent improvements include a new enclosure for jaguars that’s part of the Zoo’s Rainforest of the Americas exhibit. That’s on top of new homes for elephants and gorillas and a new reptile house that have all opened in recent years.

The Zoo also announced this week that three baby Gray’s monitor lizards have hatched there after a 300-day incubation. The monitors could grow to 6 feet and are among the rarest and biggest lizards in the world.