‘The Way The Blood Flows’

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“I used to think you were brilliant,” Evan Williamson’s dad wrote to him in a letter, adding that he no longer thought he was. Evan was in treatment for chemical dependency at the time.

Later, his father asked if they could meet in Alaska to continue a family tradition of fathers and sons who fished together.

The Alaskan waters were teeming with fish. “The knife slices the gills, firm yet feathery,” Williamson writes, “it’s then that blood pours.”

On the trip, Evan’s dad explained that he was dying; he had the same disease his own father had, and it will kill him.

Listen to Evan Williamson read his story, “The Way The Blood Flows:”

Williamson currently makes videos and music with his wife Sidra as they travel the world. Their series is called “Sid and Evan Leave America.”

Music: The Black Spot

Jeff Emtman produced this episode with help from Bethany Denton and Nick White.