Tim Robbins, the Actor’s Gang, and ‘1984’

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top selling mass market paperback in southern California this week. (So was I.)

The Actor’s Gang,  the theatrical troupe Robbins’ founded 30 years ago (before he was famous) is remounting a production of the show based on Orwell’s book.  Since 2006, they’ve produced it all over the world. After the five-week run here in LA is finished, they’ll take the show to Bogota, Colombia.

With the 30th anniversary of the Actors’ Gang occurring at a time of change and war and cuts to arts funding, Robbins took the chance to talk about the importance of a small non-profit theater group in building and coalescing community.  They do a lot of work with kids in Culver City, helping to “arm” them with tools for creativity.

Here’s a bit of our chat: