Today’s News: Wedding bells and doomsayers – It’s 12-12-12; Supervisors seek realignment reform; SAG nominees announced

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Twelves. It’s 12/12/12 – and that means a whole lot of people will be marrying today. Others will be trying to induce childbirth and still others making last-minute plans for the end of the world. For the more optimistic, the L.A. County Clerk’s has expanded hours to accommodate the crush of people taking advantage of the numerical curiosity. The Orange County Clerk has doubled its staff for the day in anticipation of a record-setting number of marriages. L.A. Times

Out of alignment. L.A. County Supervisors are calling for legislation to prevent prisoners with a serious criminal past from being released to local supervision. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says the failure to consider an offender’s complete criminal record in the state’s realignment program represents “a loophole big enough to drive a truck through.” The supervisors are responding to a multiple homicide in Northridge on December 2nd. The suspected shooter was recently released from state prison and transferred to county supervision. L.A. Times

Border hopping. California drivers who make frequent trips to Mexico could get across the border faster under a plan for special driver’s licenses. A proposed state measure would allow Californians to have a background check and pay an extra $75 for an enhanced license that would provide access to special “Ready Lanes” to cross into the U.S. from Mexico, The wait at the regular lanes is typically and hour or more. Several states already offer the licenses to those traveling to Canada. U T San Diego

Holding. L.A. is going slow with a plan to change the way the city’s troubled 911 call center is staffed. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants dispatchers to work traditional eight-hour shifts instead of the 24-hour shifts they currently work. The change would save the city about $3 million. But after a closed door meeting yesterday, Villaraigosa said the city would address the concerns of a top Fire Department official before making the changes. The commander of the dispatch center has warned that if the move is made before a new computer system is installed, it could jeopardize public safety. Meanwhile, Fire Department officials say they are taking steps to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to emergencies. L.A. Daily News

Lonely roads. State officials have started an investigation to find out if Orange County’s toll roads are economically viable. Traffic on the toll roads has been lighter than anticipated when the $2.4 billion system was built in the 1990s. State Treasurer Bill Lockyer wants to know whether the roads can cover rising interest payments to investors. The probe comes at the request of Orange County Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer. Wall Street ratings agencies have lowered the San Joaquin Hills toll road’s bonds to junk status. The Foothill Eastern corridor’s bond ratings have also sunk. L.A. Times

High performance. The Hollywood awards season is off and running. The Screen Actors Guild released nominees for its annual honors this morning. “Les Miserables,” “Lincoln,” and “Silver Linings Playbook” each garnered four nominations on the film side. In TV, ABC’s “Modern Family” got the most nods. Hollywood Reporter