Twisted history clouds ‘Easy Rider’ chopper auction

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Get your motor running…

The “Captain America” chopper ridden by Peter Fonda in the film “Easy Rider” is set to be auctioned this weekend in Calabasas. Sellers are hoping to get more than a million bucks for the bike, which played a central role in the drug-addled road trip flick.

Only one problem – it’s not clear that it’s the original bike.

There were originally two “Captain America” bikes, but one was nearly destroyed in a crash during filming. The other bike was stolen from a stuntman on the film and has not been seen again.

The L.A. Times reports the authentication comes from “Grizzly Adams” actor Dan Haggerty, who had a small role in “Easy Rider.” Haggerty says he used the remains of the damaged bike to reconstruct the “Captain America” chopper.

Easy Rider Bike AuctionHaggerty – who has served time for tax evasion and dealing cocaine – has said owning the bike was like “going out with Marilyn Monroe.”  The actor admits he’s sold two of the “Captain America” bikes, including one to man in Texas 17 years ago. Haggerty signed documents authenticating that bike as the one from the movie. But he now says that was false.

Haggerty sold the second bike to an L.A. real estate agent who is now auctioning it off. Both the Texas collector and the L.A. real estate agent insist that they have the real chopper.