Up next for the Dodgers and playing broadcaster, it’s Joe Davis

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When it comes to following acts, it doesn’t get much tougher than what Joe Davis is facing.

Davis is the new TV voice of the Dodgers, holding down the seat that Vin Scully occupied for 67 years until he switched off his mic at the end of last season. Scully is synonymous with the Dodgers.

By most accounts, Davis, the 29-year-old broadcaster is off to a pretty good start.

Tom Hoffarth is a sports columnist with the Los Angeles News Group, which includes the Daily News. He says Davis most definitely is not trying top be the next Vin Scully – he doesn’t even like to use the word “replace.” Instead, Hoffarth says Davis is content to call the balls and strikes and the hits and outs, and to stay in the background with the Dodgers franchise – at least for the time being.

“He’s not going to become overbearing. He’s not going to try to win you over with pizazz or an overbearing personality. He’s just going to be a very nice, background sort-of noise to have when the game is on,” Hoffarth says. “Nobody really has to prove anything in one week or one month, or even one year. You sort of it some time to grow. I think Joe Davis definitely has all the preparation, all the tools, the personality, the ability and it’s just a matter of him getting the opportunity to show what he can do.”