Vin Scully is heading into final inning for the Dodgers

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VinScullyPstcd_smThe end of an era is coming…

Okay, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we all knew that Vin Scully could not go on forever. Now it’s official, or at least semi-official.

Scully thrilled Dodger fans when he announced that he’ll be back for the 2016 season, his 67th with the club. But the joy in Dodgerville was tempered when, a day later, the 87-year-old Scully said that next year will almost certainly be his last behind the microphone.

Scully says he made the decision to return next year after talking with his doctors, team officials and especially his wife, Sandi. He quoted the poet Dylan Thomas:

“He wrote, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.’ And I guess in a way that’s what I’m doing. I’m raging against the dying of my career, which has to be around the corner now,” Scully said. “But at least for the God-given time that I have left I’ll be raging.”vin_1_front_sm

Scully has significantly cut back his travel schedule in recent years, mostly calling home games. It’s unclear how many games he will work next year. The fact that it will probably be his last year, puts extra pressure on the team to solve its television impasse. About half of the Dodger fans in the region still don’t get the games on the TV. Those fans already simmering anger could reach a new heights if they know they’re missing Scully’s last season.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers achieved an historical first last night – but we’re talking historical futility. In losing to the Chicago Cubs, they became the first National League team to be on the wrong side of a no hitter twice in a span of 10 days.

arrietaCubs hurler Jake Arrieta completely shut down the Dodger’s offense, just as the Houston Astros’ Mike Fiers did earlier this month.

In spite of losing the game 2 to 0, the Dodgers remain in first place, ahead of the San Francisco Giants by a few games in the standings.

The Giants arrive in town this evening for a big three game series. Vin Scully will be calling the action.