Who is Raymond ‘Shrimpboy’ Chow?

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Raymond “Shrimpboy” Chow. Screenshot from the Gangland documentary, “Deadly Triangle.”

Today’s must-watch is this “Gangland” documentary about Raymond Chow, the Chinatown gangster who was arrested yesterday as part of a major FBI operation that also included State Sen. Leland Yee.

Here’s more from the San Jose Mercury News:

The notorious Chinatown criminal known as “Shrimp Boy” spent nearly a decade carefully crafting his “redemption story,” inspiring kids to defy lives of crime and reaping proclamations from local and state lawmakers touting his “tenacity and tireless dedication to the community.”

All the while, though, 54-year-old Raymond Chow was acting as a mob boss, connected Wednesday in a jaw-dropping 137-page federal complaint to state Sen. Leland Yee

Chow shows up in the documentary, saying “The world is under my feet, I have my own security, I have everything… I”m not thinking I’m God, but in this city, I’m the man that calls the shots.”

You also learn that his grandmother nicknamed him “Shrimpboy” because of his small (5″5″) size, why he dropped out of high school, and where he did his martial arts training.

Embedding is disabled, but you can watch the whole thing on YouTube here. (h/t Carla Marinucci)