Why we like fizz in our wine when we celebrate: An unscientific explanation

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IMG_7325I long ago abandoned the need to make plans on New Year’s Eve. Amateur hour, right? Why not get a good bottle of something and stay home, with loved ones? (Or just you, if no one merits special consideration?)

IMG_7330Maybe this decision had something to do with age, or maybe it had to do with meeting Randy Clement at Silverlake Wine, which opened around the time I arrived in downtown Los Angeles. Randy’s an unlikely wine guy, which is what makes it easy to talk to him about what to buy, what to drink, and why we drink what we do. Who needs to go out when you can buy something tasty and consume it in the comfort and safety of your own humble home?

Three bubblies recommended by Randy--one from...the land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico
Three bubblies recommended by Randy–one from…the land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

If you’re reading this, Randy is probably ringing up the cash register right now–and you’re probably popping the cork on something good and sipping it while cozying up on the couch. Randy would guess that beverage has likely got bubbles, because bubbles are what’s festive when we celebrate. Listen to why he believes that’s true.

And have a happy new year. Which includes (it goes without saying): Drinking responsibly. (Heck, don’t listen to me on that one.  Listen to Kajon Cermak, since she’s the resident goddess of everything automotive!)