Zach Braff turns to Kickstarter to fund ‘Garden State’ sequel

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But instead of going to Hollywood producers or a studio with his idea, the star of the TV show “Scrubs” went directly to fans on the money-raising website Kickstarter.

Cash those fans can shell out for the forthcoming flick – “Wish I Was Here” – but for which they won’t receive money in return. Only tangible gifts, such as passes to premieres, voiced messages, or,  for thousands of dollars,  a tiny part in the movie and time on the set.

It’s not the first time a Hollywood heavy-hitter has gone the online fundraising route. Producers of the TV show “Veronica Mars” launched a similar campaign, to a huge response. And it looks like fan reaction for Braff’s production has been equally robust. In a little more than 24 hours, he’s raised more than 75 percent of the total. Close to $1.7 million.

But is it fair for someone with such a high profile to compete against other people looking for project money on Kickstarter? Zach Braff joined KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis to discuss his campaign.