Excerpt from 'Of Mongrelitude'

Of Mongrelitude

By Julian Talamantez Brolaski

Wave Books

Copyright © 2017 Julian Talamantez Brolaski
All rights reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-940696-44-7


[WAR MESSAGE] we dont want yr tools
against breeding
rather like a doubting dog
in the cut
on loneliness
I did it for something to do
fire place
most honeyed
lovers reversed: dump hunk
notes from the mummy chamber
the rabbit & the crow
who is not yr cousin?
what's eating hildegard?
ack, buttery
what do they know of suffering, who eat of pineapples yearround
like w/ like wars not
irreversibly like apples
when will springtime come on in
of mongrelitude
dog on dog aggression
hell and gore
sometimes I feel like I'm the tool of the devil
oceanic feeling
some say an army of horsepeople
what wuz therr izzaye?
red sky at morn
tho the rivulets be finite, the tokens are talking
automat metropolis
melancholy lake
involuntarily I licked my lips
if only there were a glory for that hole
fried-eyed / banned poetry words
how obvious
despite of space
for our meeting on the loam:
helen, source of death
sympathy butters no parsnips
chaparral character
whethersoever it were (marry to be humanlike)
eat dirt, oasis, myn oracle
gon aerial wofhuntin
ambivalence becometh
you dont need to get fuckd up to see visions
on antony and cleo
not the sloppy religiosity
the tabloids are filled w/mancrush and bromance
the myth of the subway
the uselessness of magicking death
poem for r having left new york
poem for shorty courtier
rules for bones
or pause to gaze on the moody chest of spartacus
a bee's feather
make us all homosexuals, o muse, o privy muse
fowles in tha frith
imaginary and actual koalas, troly loly
Dis pure diss82
we birds
the death of script
as the owl augurs


we dont want yr tools

look gentlepeople
the only source of likelihood
is a fist in a gentle orifice
if I'da been a ranch
they'da calld me bar none
a fecund desert
full of heartless so-and-sos
the tub of butter thereafter was rancid
we put xir and xir mouth ta rest
along with the chickens in our maw
hey blood, hey sucka
as like to one as to th'other
do you love your sibling
as they do as they do

against breeding


garbage-gut humans should not continue ourselves
it can only come a frightful cropper
hairbulbs what I mistook to be a form in nature
albatross w/ plastics crowding thir gut
what julie patton is callin supefraja-lilly-of-the-valley
veronica heterophilia snapdraggon nature preserve

pulp them shropshire constabulary
quing of haven sailing for caracas sissy jesus-hag
point to the exact place where the fly shd go in the ballo underpants
just where the shapes come to a point triangularly
15 thousand fish dead at the mouth of tha mississipp
planes go sipsip saying to the poor people
walk fa-ast! walk like yr on hot co-als!
matisse had to get up real close to see that was a burd
turned that viol de gamba right fwds & added a noose
even more clîché than peaches inna bowl
curvy long pear stem and butterdish suspended
in air perhaps the stem is penetrating a clear butter dish
conrad suggested & I knew I was being drawn
into a funhouse of mirrors but I cdnt stop
odilon redon roger & angelica
why I am against breeding

rather like a doubting dog

I performed my own rejection of the species,
Rather like a doubting dog
perhaps I was so earnest in my approach
it appeared too regular,
not like an approach at all
betimes I discovered an odd pair of bruises,
a burnmark and a lesser one
as if the portals for psychic vampires
wound in twos, side by side
perhaps my suffering — but away
w/ phrases that begin perhaps
my suffering! still — it —


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