"From the wreckage..."

Alex Eccleston. Photo credit: KCRW Berlin

“The House of Red Doors” at the Friedrichshain club “Wilde Renate” promised to be the kind of event that makes Berlin’s nightlife a magnet for residents and tourists alike. But tickets had sold out online before the event when the pandemic struck, torching the city’s nightlife in its wake.

In today’s edition of The Coronavirus Chronicle, we hear from Alex Eccleston, a 33-year-old Brit and promoter whose once thriving business, like so many others, is now on the brink of bankruptcy.

“It’s certainly not just our party, it’s every single party and theater, and cafes, bars, everything else. I mean, this is a huge part of Berlin and what makes Berlin a functioning city. So we’re going to have to have each other’s back and there’s no other way around it,” says Eccleston

Amid the wreckage of cancellations, he sees a silver lining, which you can discover by listening.