Los Angeles: What have you always wanted to know more about?

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When you’re new to LA, there’s a lot to learn. You might find yourself asking, “What’s the story behind that thing?” or “Where am I exactly?”

Spend 20 years here, and you’ll still have questions. LA is vast, it has such a rich history and it’s always changing. So, no surprise there’s something about LA you want to know more about.

We’re here to investigate your curiosities about LA- whether it has to do with its history, politics, culture… some hidden gem buried somewhere.

Here’s how it works: Share your question here. If your question is chosen, we might ask you to put on your reporter hat and go along for the ride. (Of course, that part’s not mandatory).

What do you want to know more about (or want others to know more about) in Los Angeles

To kick things off, we’ve put some of the questions up for a vote. You can vote right now on a question to answer.

Photo: Marika Bortolami

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