5 design things to watch March 26 - April 1

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What to watch: Westworld S eason 3 for a tour of hypermodern  buildings; Craft in America 's video library of amazing makers and artists ; a webinar on  how digital fabrication can address today's most pressing issues Hammer Museum's discussion about  political advertising and its effects; an online art gallery reception to which you are invited.

Kitchen Optimized, by Ryan Schude, viewable online at bG at Bergamot Station.

1) Love in the Time of Corona -- an in-gallery exhibition and virtual reception.

What is life in LA without art gallery openings? So bG at Bergamot Station invites you to go online at 5pm Saturday for a virtual opening of the group exhibition “Love in the Time of Corona / a Social Distancing Art Exhibition”. Dress social distancing casual, mingle with other at-home guests and gallery staff and see the art through bG’s streaming platforms at Zoom or at the Instagram live stream @bggallery. Also go to Dotred during the opening reception to see pre-recorded interviews with the artists, who include Dan Busta, Ryan Schude, Ellen Schinderman, Ted Gall, Peg Grady and Serge Hamad. A portion of the proceeds from this exhibit will go to benefit Meals On Wheels West.

When: Virtual Reception, bG Gallery, Bergamot Station: Saturday, March 28th from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Where:  Instagram live @bggallery or zoom

Tickets: Free. Click here for more information.

Westworld's new season mostly abandons the western setting and replaces it with sleek new scenery. Here, the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, provides the exterior for the show's San Francisco headquarters of Delos.

2) Westworld Season 3

Want to check out some fabulous new architecture from the couch? Watch Westworld Season 3. Fans of the show may be bewildered by the dramatic switch from the Western theme park (filmed in Santa Clarita) and viewers who are rejoining the show after a hiatus might find the story a bit convoluted, but lovers of cool buildings will get quite a ride. The action zips between hypermodern structures (played by: Santiago Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain and multiple landmarks in Singapore including the the Helix Bridge, designed to evoke a DnA strand) that together add up to a futuristic Los Angeles. In the second episode, it's off to an ancient Catalan village of Besalú in Girona, Spain. The show's production design is by Howard Cummings and it has a new iteration of its amazing title sequence by Patrick Clair.

When: Available now through season 3

Where: Watch with subscription on Hulu, HBO and YouTube TV. 

Senyai by Epiphyte Lab incorporates acoustic and lighting performance into a contemporary spatial experience with soft ambient effects. Image courtesy Epiphyte Lab.

3) Technology Conversation: “Technology is the Answer--But What Was the Question?”

In the last two decades, the emergence of computation and digital fabrication has caused many design schools to focus on generating and and fabricating complex forms and material constructs. In parallel, the world is experiencing unprecedented disruption due to Covid-19, on top of geopolitical shifts, environmental crises, and housing shortages. How can design research leverage technology to respond and engage with wider health, social and environmental issues to affect positive change in the world as we know it?

Find out, when USC School of Architecture hosts and online webinar bringing together c o-moderators  Alvin Huang  and   Kyle Konis, with panelists Larry Sass, from MIT; Texas Tech's Ersela Kripa; and Dana Cupkova from Carnegie Mellon . This is one of several events that have been turned into Webinars. Also this Wednesday, March 25, there will be a Generation Next presentation of alumni work (including past DnA guest Dan Brunn).

When: Wednesday, April 1, 6pm

Where: Online. You can register for the Webinar here.

Cost: Free.

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4) Craft in America: Videos of 100s of artists and makers

As shelter in place drives us to boredom or creativity (cooking? DIY? making?), Craft in America comes to the rescue with its Peabody Award-winning video content featuring hundreds of stories of makers and artists. Tap into Craft in America's vast library of 13 years of video content and educational tools for free, and meet the leading, innovative artists living and working across the entire country today. Read more about the video library here.

When: Available now

Where: craftinamerica.orgpbs.org/craftinamerica and on Craft in America's Youtube channel

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5) The How and Why of Political Advertising

With Covid-19 front and center, we could excuse ourselves if for a moment we weren't thinking about the 2020 election. But as candidate rallies fall away, advertising and social media have become an even a bigger piece of the messaging. On Feb 13, 2020 the Hammer Museum hosted a panel discussion on how spending has changed in political elections over the past two decades, how social media and Citizens United affect the equation and whether all the money is beneficial or destructive to the democratic process. Now you can catch the conversation, featuring Dr. Fernando Guerra, Director of the Center for the study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymont University and John Thomas, a top political strategist and host of the political podcast, The Thomas Guide in a discussion moderated by Jessica Levinson, a Professor of Law at Loyola Law School and regular commentator on KCRW's Press Play.

When: Available now

Where: Hammer Museum Watch and Listen here.