Are you Ready to Get FiT? Feed-in Tariffs are Hot Topic in Energy Conservation?

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One of the buzz phrases in energy circles these days is FiT. It stands for Feed-in Tariff, a dry-sounding term that refers to a mechanism that will allow an energy customer to sell power back into the grid – thereby encouraging excess power generation from on-site renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geo-thermal. FiTs are reportedly common practice in Germany and Spain. Many energy experts in Los Angeles favor FiT and tomorrow, September 23, AIA|LA will host a panel discussion about it. The breakfast-time discussion will take place at the offices of Harley Ellis Devereaux in Downtown LA, with featured guests, Councilmember Jan Perry, architects Angie Brooks and Stuart Magruder, as well as, JR DeShazo – the author of a Feed-in-Tariff study commissioned by the Los Angeles Business Council. Rhonda Mills from the Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies and Craig Lewis from the FiT Coalition will also join the conversation. For more details on the program or to learn more about how you can get involved, click here.