Big plans for tiny houses

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Tiny houses are growing in popularity, even though in most places in the US, people can't legally live in them. But that didn't stop a group of enthusiasts from coming to a two-day workshop a few weeks back at the Craft and Folk Art Museum -- or CAFAM. They came to meet, and learn from, one of the stars of the burgeoning tiny home world: Derek Diedricksen, the host of HGTV's Tiny House Builders. So what attracts people to living so small? Freedom from stuff, and the "debtor's prison" of 30-year mortgages? DnA hears from tiny house dreamers (including David Wolfe, Polly Harrold, Shaina Thompson and Susan Bernardo) and learns about how to live small on the down-low, while the legal issues are sorted out.

Polly Harrold participated in a tiny house building workshop at CAFAM
Frances Anderton