Billy Haines and Hollywood Glam

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Frances Anderton speaks with Jean Mathison, author of a new book on Los Angeles decroator Billy Haines, the king of Hollywood glam. Also, conversations with HGTV's Michael Payne on designing for the sexes, Art Center's Louise Sandhaus on California graphics, and installation artist Bill Close on instrumental buildings.

More Billy HainesJean Mathison and Peter Schifando will be signing their Class Act: William Haines: Legendary Hollywood Decorator at Phyllis Morris Originals (655 Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood) on Thursday, December 1 from 6-8pm

Several Haines pieces will be on display and on sale at La Dragonette (750 N La Cienega, West Hollywood)

"Starring William Haines," an exhibit of Haines' furniture and design will be at the Pacific Design Center until November 23. (See Calendar for details.)

No Payne, No GainWhen Michael Payne isn't mediating design battles of the sexes, he's busy consulting for a long list of private clients and promoting his new furniture line that premiered at the High Point Furniture Mart this spring. Images from his interior design projects and pieces from The Michael Payne Collection, plus links to articles about Payne, are posted on his site.More California Graphic DesignThe Grown in California show is only one of many places to see pieces from California's rich graphic history. Exhibit catalogs are available from Picnic Design The show opens Thursday, November 17 at Art Center's Wind Tunnel Gallery. (See Calendar for details.)

Made in California is the book from the recent LACMA exhibit of California visual culture from 1900-2000, which was designed Louise Sandhaus

Beautiful Losers is the book from the street art exhibit, featuring many examples of California skate and surf art and design

Resfest includes the work of many California studios in its annual film, art, design and motion graphics festival that tours the world. Subscribers to RES Magazine receive a DVD of current work with every issue. Read Holly Willis' LA Weekly article, "The City in Motion," about LA's motion graphic industry

The California Design Biennial was on show at the Pasadena Museum of California Art earlier this year. Read the New York Times article about California's "endless summer" of design. Exhibit books are available at the >PMCA store
Bucky Fuller's DomesBill Close's MASS Music Dome wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the futurist, designer and architect R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome. Fuller spent most of his career exploring ways to adapt the dome to affordable and efficient structures. The Buckminster Fuller Institute has a complete guide to the life of the "design scientist," including a gallery of domes and a guide to Fuller's patents