Design Round-Up, February 11

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There is so much of great interest to DnA that we cannot always cover on air, due to lack of time. But we want to broadcast the news by other…

A photo of the Out of Memory exhibit at SCI-Arc
A photo of the Out of Memory exhibit at SCI-Arc (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

There is so much of great interest to DnA that we cannot always cover on air, due to lack of time. But we want to broadcast the news by other means. So, starting today, DnA’s newest associate, Olga Khazan, will post a weekly round-up of design happenings in LA. Send her your news at and olga dot khazan at

  • SCI-Arc:

Out of Memory,” a new installation at the SCI-Arc gallery, combines an innovative structural work by L.A. architect Patrick Tighe with a musical composition by Ken Ueno.

Unlike the majority of Tighe’s work that is concerned with the practical issues aligned with constructing a building, the SCI-Arc installation constructs an experience imbued with symbolism and meaning,” says the gallery’s release.

There will be a discussion of the work featuring Tighe and Director Eric Owen on Friday, February 18 at the SCI-Arc Gallery. The exhibition remains on view through March 13.

  • Architecture + Design Museum:

An exhibition called “Souper Green” will examine the ways in which technology can promote synergy between architecture and the environment. The exhibit will run from February 12 to April 14, and it will feature projects by five architects and designers – Doug Jackson, Wes Jones, Aryan Omar, Steven Purvis, and Randolph Ruiz. The name of the exhibit comes from the idea that “this ‘souped up’ approach to green architecture is achieved by leveraging the expressive potential of a meaner, greener technology in order to produce architecture that is not only environmentally responsible by quantifiable measures, but which also critically and positively promotes more expressive, exuberant, rad, boss, and totally stoked green experiences.” Tubular, dude.

  • FIDM Museum and Galleries:

As part of its 19th annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit, FIDM will have costumes on view from more than 20 movies from 2010. The exhibit will be on view from February 8 to April 30.

Around the web:

  • LEO ON O: Leonardo DiCaprio was on Oprah with Santa Monica architect Lawrence Scarpa, taking a tour of Colorado Court, the country’s first affordable green housing project.

The 44-unit building includes 200 solar panels to help offset energy costs, which is exceptionally important, says Scarpa, because low-income families spend a great deal of their money on utilities,” writes

  • AN IPAD COMPETITOR: Palm reveals its new TouchPad, an iPad look-alike with similar functionality. Many of the specs seem the same as the iPad, with a 3G or Wi-Fi option and two different storage capacities. But with a Web cam and support of Adobe Flash, it might give the iPad a run for its money. [Fast Company]
  • SPRUCING UP SPRUCE STREET: New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff gives a glowing review of Frank Gehry’s new tower at 8 Spruce Street, a residential behemoth that he says “seems to lift Lower Manhattan out of its decade-long gloom.”

In its wave-like, glistening shell, the 76-story tower will house not only luxury apartments but a school and hospital – an interesting take on mixed-use development.

Only now, as the building nears completion, is it possible to appreciate what Mr. Gehry has accomplished: the finest skyscraper to rise in New York since Eero Saarinen’s CBS building went up 46 years ago,” he writes.

Check out the neat slideshow as well.