Designing a 'Vibe'

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Victor Drai, back in Los Angeles with a glam new namesake club, on top of the W Hotel, says you can't have a good nightclub without good design. We speak with Drai and young club designer Christian Schulz about LA clubs and how you go about designing a "vibe." Also, the City of Glendale looks for a curator of art for its recession-hit storefronts. And structural engineer Nabih Youssef delivers the good, and bad, news about LA buildings and their readiness for a Chile-scale earthquake.

Banner image: Interior of Drai's Hollywood. Photo: Dan Mahoney




Inside Drai's



At the Hyde Lounge at Staples, a luxury box becomes a club after hours
Designed by Studio Collective



The bar at the Hyde Lounge



Another view of the Hyde Lounge

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