Dwell on Design and City Listening

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<!-- missing image http://newmedia.kcrw.com/dna/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/dwell-on-design1-300x199.jpg -->Los Angeles is always a destination for design, but during one weekend in June it takes on more of global-epicenter kind of vibe. We’re talking of course about the arrival of Dwell on Design which this year is taking place June 25-27. Once again Frances and DnA associate producer Alissa Walker (who is currently penning this post!) are hard at work on Dwell’s annual conference so we’re hoping you’ll venture down to the Los Angeles Convention Center to experience a dizzying amount of modern design with us!

The highlight of Dwell on Design is, of course, the three days of speakers and panel discussions curated and moderated by Dwell’s staff. On Friday, Frances will be speaking with Ana Henton and Greg Williams from Mass Arch, the firm responsible for the Auburn 7 townhomes featured in the current issue of Dwell. On Saturday, there will be a screening of a film that Frances narrated, A Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller and the Union Tank Car Dome. And you won’t want to miss Good Food Sunday, a day devoted to design and food curated by KCRW’s own Evan Kleiman.

Tickets are still available for Dwell’s world-famous home tours, which this year include both Westside “Surf & Turf” and Eastside “Hills & Hipsters” (although we hope they’re happy hipsters). And as part of the exhibition, be sure to stop by the Architizer Design Clinic where anyone can sign up for free consultations with some of LA’s smartest architects. Smart architects will also be flocking to the convention center for AIA Los Angeles’s concurrent conference, Mobius LA and its student exhibition and award show, 2×8.

CityListeningAd On the Saturday night of Dwell on Design, you’ll want to walk a few blocks north of the convention center for another event celebrating LA’s design culture. City Listening II will feature a dozen art, design and architecture writers reading stories about Los Angeles, including Frances, Christopher Hawthorne, John Chase, Brooke Hodge, Sam Lubell, Chris Nichols, Tom Marble, and more at an event co-hosted by your friendly DnA associate producer Alissa Walker (yep, me again!). The evening will also include installations like a guerrilla gardening demonstration by Green Aid, a silent auction featuring works from local designers like toHOLD and Cartoules Letterpress, and an after party held in the swanky Crocker Club, a bar located in a former bank vault. That’s Saturday, June 26 from 7-10pm at the Spring Arts Tower. Tickets are currently on sale, and you don’t have to be a Dwell conference attendee in order to come.

Since Frances and I will both be completely devoted to this weekend of design, we wanted to make sure that lots of DnA listeners could join us. So DnA listeners will receive special discounts on both events!

For Dwell on Design, DnA listeners receive $15 off the Dwell Exhibition Plus Ticket (50% off the 2-day Weekend Pass) if they purchase tickets before June 23 with the code: DWELL8B

For City Listening II , DnA listeners receive 20% off all tickets with the code: dwell

Hope to see you then!

–Alissa Walker