“Haterating” the LA Haters: A Takedown of Tired Critiques of Our Fair City, by Alissa Walker

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this one with Brendan Ravenhill on this week’s DnA) or putting the world to rights (through causes like advocating for the rights of pedestrians), she is writing witty take-downs, like this skewering of the oft and tired skewering of LA by envious New Yorkers (and nothing stokes a skewering of a sunny, creative place than being harried and cold in New York).

a second post, writing, “A few things have happened with this project since yesterday. After playing around with the name and process, I decided on “haterating” as the perfect portmanteau for what I’m trying to achieve here. I then established a hashtag, #LAhaters, so we can track these conversations elsewhere. I also decided to add relevant information like the author’s Twitter name and word count of the article. And finally, Martin Filler tweeted an apology about his piece. (JUST KIDDING! He’s not even on Twitter!)

Today we will be haterating “Leaving Los Angeles” by Meghan O’Rourke at The New Yorker, which many (many) of you sent to me after yesterday’s post. O’Rourke’s piece is wholly different than Filler’s filler. For one thing, she actually lived here (for four miserable months). And in a very odd twist, she now claims her piece (or at least part of it?) is satire”. . .  Read more here.