James Turrell Shapes Reality--and a Gallery Space

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LACMA is currently showing a retrospective of 50 years of work by James Turrell; the Guggenheim Manhattan is about to open a show in which the light and space artist drenches the interior of Frank Lloyd Wright's rotunda; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, will shortly open James Turrell: The Light Inside.

Meanwhile his LA gallery, Kayne Griffin Corcoranhas launched its new space with Sooner Than Later, Roden Crater, a show of drawings, photographs charting his four-decade work on his Roden Crater project.  The exhibition also includes a Meditation Room, from his “Perceptual Cells” series, one of which can also be found at LACMA. In addition to the work on display, Turrell also had a strong hand in the creation of the gallery space itself. 




Frances Anderton