Joe Frank and football uniforms

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Brilliant monologuist Joe Frank passed this week. One of his lesser-known passions was football, and he shared his opinions about uniforms with DnA.

KCRW’s influential radio storytelling maestro Joe Frank left this world this past Monday at age 79.

Frank is famed for his “noir” style that, says KCRW’s Avishay Artsy, included “lengthy, dreamlike monologues delivered over looping ambient or electronic music, and actor improvisations recorded over the phone. His programs were deeply moving, often surreal, and delved into existential and spiritual themes with a wry humor.”

However, he had a passion unknown to many for football, specifically USC’s Trojans, and he held strong views about their cardinal and gold uniform.

One day, in 2013, he stopped by the DnA desk to opine on his concerns about the new “black” uniforms that had been chosen for an Oregon Ducks game and that had become fashionable for many teams.

You can hear the conversation, here: