Los Angeles, a Laboratory for Residential Design

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Sixty years ago the editor of Arts and Architecture magazine created the Case Study House program. The result was a trove of experimental houses that helped establish Los Angeles as a laboratory for innovative residential design. Now, San-Francisco based Dwell magazine has embarked on a project in that spirit, asking 5 LA-based architects to design a mass-producible prefab house. Frances Anderton speaks with Dwell's Allison Arieff about the innovative, sustainable house to be built by one of five local architects, and with Glen Martin of Los Angeles who will live in the house with his family.
Architects invited to present designs for Dwell Home II: Lorcan O'herlihy of Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects
Joe Day of Deegan Day Design
Barbara Bestor of Barbara Bestor Architecture
Frank Escher of Escher GuneWardena
Lawence Scarpa of Pugh-Scarpa Architecture