Meet the 7 cats of Sowden House

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One of the stranger attractions at the Sowden House, the Lloyd Wright designed house that now owned by CBD mogul Dan Goldfarb and his wife Jenny Landers, are the owners’ seven Persian cats. Flat-faced, snub-nosed and shorn of fur except for fluffy heads and paws, they are meant to look like little lions, explains Jenny Landers, who told DnA, “I was always pretty allergic to cats and Persians’ hair is different. They won't shed.” 

Mariano Rivera, the oldest, whose tongue always sticks out, got very sick a few years back and inspired Dan Goldfarb to create his CBD supplements for pets. Landers says he “was on all these terrible drugs and his hair was falling out, and we just took him off all those drugs, and we started using him and I guess as our guinea pig, and he just like got so much better, and he's still with us.” And no, the cats don’t get high. CBD is cannabidiol, not cannabis. 

Another cat, Reggie, lives up to the Hollywood history of the house. Landers says, “I just got him in an indie movie, so hopefully he'll be famous.” 

Dan Goldfarb with Reggie Baseball. Photo by Amy Ta.
One of the Persian cats resting in the shade. Photo by Amy Ta.
What's up there? Photo by Amy Ta.
Now look straight at the camera. Photo by Amy Ta.
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Feeding time. Photo by Amy Ta. 
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Hello Kitty on the dining table. Photo by Amy Ta. 
Check out Dan Goldfarb's "We Can Do It!" shirt. Photo by Amy Ta.
Self-care. Photo by Amy Ta.
Just hanging out in the kitchen. Photo by Amy Ta.