Olympics officials to visit Los Angeles

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It's now down to two cities, Los Angeles and Paris, competing to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. A final decision is coming in September. But next week, 13 officials with the International Olympic Committee will visit Los Angeles for three days to learn more about our city's bid. So how does LA compete with the City of Lights?

Bill Hanway, Global Sports Leader at AECOM,
speaks to KCRW's Frances Anderton
Photo by Avishay Artsy

Bill Hanway is AECOM's global sports leader and is helping to run the LA 2024 campaign. He talks about LA's plan for a low-cost “sustainable” Olympics that will recycle and reuse rather than build white elephants, what kind of sand qualifies for beach volleyball events, and why they are ignoring hints that Paris will get the 2024 games and LA will host in 2028.