Schools as Sculpture; Hopper's Walls; Martin Memorial

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Most post-World War II high schools were designed to be functional. Now, there are a few schools where attention has been paid to form, offering students a more inspiring learning experience. What's it like to go to school in such a source of inspiration? We ask architects, students and administrators. Plus, Dennis Hopper on his photography and wall paintings, and this month's favorite building, chosen in memory of the architect, Albert C. Martin, Jr, who died last month at age 92.


Architect Albert C. Martin, Jr. died last month at age 92. Martin was the second generation of the three-generation, LA-based firm of AC Martin Partners. By clicking "about" then "landmarks" on the firm's site, you can see photos of many of Martin's most famous buildings, including the LA Department of Water and Power, the May Company building, the Union Bank building and St. Basil's Catholic Church.