The Design and Culture of Surveillance

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DnA explores Apple, the FBI and the design of surveillance. Branding expert Sasha Strauss talks about how this fight tests the public's trust in Apple -- and the FBI -- as brands. But surveillance has been built into the fabric of our cities and our culture for centuries. Architect Peter Zellner looks back at city planning as a tool of control. And KCRW's Eric J. Lawrence explores the science fiction that imagined tech-based surveillance -- before it became a reality. MOMA's Paola Antonelli prompted a conversation among scientists, philosophers, activists and the general public on how recent design innovations can be used for violent means. She talks about her new book, Design and Violence. And artist Laurie Lipton explains Techno Rococo, her show of highly-detailed pencil drawings that depict a Dystopian view of our dependence on technology.