The Dog Ate My Google Glass

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After sharing her experiences of Google Glass with DnA yesterday, Betsy Moyer stopped by a friend’s house, and was so busy having a real world encounter that she didn’t notice her buddy’s 11-pound pooch — named, we kid you not, GIZMO — had decided to take a nap on her purse, which contained the pouch protecting her $1500 worth of techie progress.

When she pulled out her Glass this morning the frame was twisted (below) and the “on-head detection” (equivalent of “sleep” on a regular computer) didn’t know when it was off.

It turns out the titanium that strengthens the frame does not reach all the way over the ears; and the protective pouch supplied by Google has a hard shell only in the area where the “glass” part of Glass lies.

Betsy's broken GlassSounds like the company will need to spend some extra dollars to reinforce the entire frame and strengthen the bag — or Glass will have to be kept out of reach of furry GIZMOs.

Meanwhile, Google says they will replace the bent gadget.

Now Betsy’s keen to know: has anyone else broken their Glass?

Listen to Betsy, and Huffpost’s Bianca Bosker, discuss their experiences, both funny and disturbing, with the futuristic gadget, here and below. And listen to NPR’s story about Glass hackers, here. Read more about dogs — and design, here. GIZMO, the picture of innocence, is shown at his keyboard, above left.