Culver City Braces for Closure of Community Ice Arena

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The beloved Culver Ice Arena is closing because it can’t afford a new market rent. Today’s show explores the fight to save the rink, and what its demise says about the changing character of Los Angeles as buildings, and land values, rise and rise. With Culver City councilmembers Micheál O’Leary and Andrew Weissman, Calarts Norman Klein, Shannon Takahashi of Culver Ice Arena, and supporters of the rink. Renee DeAngelis, owner of Planet Granite, responds. Also, the movie Her depicts an LA of towers and public transit. But is that the LA we want? With Chris Nichols, Norman Klein, Craig Hodgetts, Evan Kleiman and Sam Lubell.


Andrew Weissman - Culver City Councilmember, Norman Klein - Calarts, Shannon Takahashi - Culver City Ice Arena - @CulverIceArena, Renee DeAngelis - Planet Granite - @PlanetGranite, Chris Nichols - Los Angeles magazine - @ChrisNicholsLA, Craig Hodgetts - Mithun | Hodgetts + Fung - @Mithun_Design, Evan Kleiman - host 'Good Food' - @evankleiman, Sam Lubell - architecture writer, Micheal O'Leary - Culver City City Council

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