Todd Lefelt Explains How to Make a Huge Project Simple

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The messy rollout of Healthcare Dot Gov has highlighted the challenge of creating an effective “user experience.” On this DnA show IDEO’s David Kelley and Tom Kelley explained what a children’s hospital learned from Formula One racing, how two shy engineers applied “empathy” to create a successful App, and other lessons on creating better service through “human-centered” design. IDEO’s “empathic” approach has inspired many younger designers, among them Todd Lefelt of Huge digital design agency (above).

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Huge has worked on web sites for the US Department of Energy, the City of New York, many large corporations and arts institutions such as the National Geographic for which Huge created a vast photo-sharing web site.

On this segment, Todd Lefelt talks about what we’ve learned from the Obamacare launch (that government tends to be hamstrung by bureaucratic procedures) and he walks us through applying human-centered design to the creation of a web site that works for the users rather than serving as a portrait of an inflexible organization.

The task, he says, involves art and science, and the goal is to create a “theatrical” experience for the user, leading them through a clear narrative that simplifies a colossal amount of complex data.