When in Doubt, Create Your Own Exhibit: Young Designers Take Their Show on Road Sunday

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DnA “DJ” Danielle Rago is also a curator with a keen interest in “the shifting role of the institution and media, and how contemporary architecture and its public is being produced and mediated through the institution and curator.” So it makes sense that she would be part of a group that has cooked up an alternative architecture show, taking place tomorrow. She explains their intentions here.

After a two-year retrospective of art and architecture in Los Angeles (the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time and now Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.), a group of friends — curators, writers, designers and makers — began to speculate on where we go from here? Is experimentation done in Los Angeles? We would like to think not, but found the activities surrounding MoCA’s A New Sculpturalism show extremely unfortunate — the fact that it might be cancelled, stalled or in limbo. It was at that time, in a somewhat impulsive reaction, that we determined that a show must go on, and moreover the city needed a show on that day (of the originally scheduled opening of A New Sculpturalism) to affirm that the experimental spirit of architecture isn’t over but rather alive and burgeoning among a group of young designers.

The exhibition, popping up tomorrow (Sunday, June 2nd) takes the form of a flotilla of U-Haul trucks turned impromptu galleries featuring new ideas in LA architecture. Participants include: Andrew Kovacs, Bryony Roberts, Curt Gambetta, First Office, Foundation for Architecture and Design, House of Style, Jimenez Lai, Joe Alguire Workshop, Jonathan Louie, Maxi Spina Architects, Michael Faciejew, Paul Stoelting, Studio Bonner + Stayner Architects, Rowen Studio, T8projects, Vacation Projects, Wedgeworthy, and WELCOMEPROJECTS. 

Laurel Broughton and Brendan Muha of Wedgeworthy examine sloped surfaces as part of their ongoing exploration about architect’s relationship to its users. Their project, “@wedgeworthy” captures various inclinations in and around Los Angeles via their Instagram feed. Examples range from Rudolf Schindler’s wedge-shaped furniture at the Stephen Prina exhibition currently on view at LACMA to mundane rubber door stopper wedges.


Bryony Roberts of Bryony Roberts Studio focuses on the integration of architecture, visual art and cultural theory in her work. Exhibiting recent design and research work through her project “Between Coherence and Incoherence”, she creates hybrids of new and existing architecture that challenge existing spatial types and generates transformative urban wholes.

First Office present “4 Square 9 Mega-Model”, a model of a model of a quadrant of Andrea Palladio’s Villa Emo inside a U-Haul truck.

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Come see these and other explorations in progress this Sunday, June 2 in the parking lot adjacent to MoCA Geffen at the intersection of Temple @ Alameda from 12-6pm. For more information, click here.