You Can Hide the PV: The Solar Decathlon and the State of Residential Solar in California

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Solar Decathlon winners, Team Austria, designers of LISI, above (photo: Jason Flakes; courtesy of DOE), say solar energy is so commonplace now there is no longer any need to show off the panels to prove ones commitment to eco-friendliness. Is that true?

Here are two segments looking at the state of solar in California.

The first takes us to the start of the Solar Decathlon as designers scrambled to finish their net zero energy homes, that had been selected by the Department of Energy. We hear from the designers of the entries from USC, Sci-Arc and the Czech Republic. The opening of the Decathlon coincided with the signing of AB 327, a state assembly bill that could have both a heating, and cooling, effect on the burgeoning residential solar industry in California.

With Richard King, Daniel Lee, Martin Čeněk, Bernadette del Chiaro, Gary Paige.