The Process with Lena Waithe (Live at LA Film Festival)

Lena Waithe has a a fire in her belly. There’s a growing list of accomplishments and projects with her name on them: an Emmy for comedy writing, her Showtime drama The Chi, acting credits and a feature on the way starring Daniel Kaluuya (Queen and Slim). But her ambitions are much greater. “I want to be more than one episode of television. I want to be more than the black girl in that one Spielberg movie,” she tells Justin. “I want to keep people guessing.”

In the first-ever live edition of Don’t @ Me, recorded at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Lena and Justin trace their early days in Hollywood, the power of a strong community of Black artists working in concert instead of competition, and what success means beyond wealth or fame.

Photo credit: Rick Proctor 



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