Ep. 4 Royale with cheese

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Artwork by Jordan McLaughlin

Pulp Fiction was shooting: Cracked glass, frothing at the mouth with mushroom soup, sugar cocaine, a roaring tiger, and "Royale with Cheese." Tarantino was having the time of his life directing his magnum opus. But the pressure was consuming him: The footage was good, but what would it add up to? And would it be great…or awful? Would he screw this up and with it his career? He reads a Variety notice about his father - a man he had never met who was now cashing in on his son’s success. Pulp wraps and Tarantino introduces his film himself at preview screenings. The jubilant crowd goes wild. The movie explodes at the box office, forever changing the landscape for independent film. Controversy and ego intrude during award season. Tarantino experiences a chance meeting with the man who would be his father. Finally, the master of Pulp Fiction has choice words for his younger self.

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