Eating and Tweeting

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eat.jpgWe explore the tension between "slow food" – a return to the past – and the food future. We hear from slow-food champion Alice Waters and uber-modernist Nathan Myhrvold, who advocates bringing more science into the kitchen, including, perhaps, a centrifuge, a pharmaceutical freeze drier and a... food printer? Also, the social mores of Twitter. Is it a two-way street? Do you have to follow someone on Twitter to garner a large following yourself, or are the mores of digital friendship different from those in real life? We hear about the Twitter give-and-take from sociologist Duncan Watts; learn how Justin Halpern parleyed his hit Twitter feed "Sh*t My Dad Says" into a best-selling book and TV show; and discover just how important (or not) Twitter is in Steve Levitt's life.