Show and Yell

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Is booing an act of verbal vandalism or the last true expression of democracy? Hear how Philadelphia sports fans earned their reputation as the loudest boo-birds, and to what extent culture -- high or low -- plays a role. Guests include former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who admits to booing Santa Claus; and sportswriter/opera buff Robert Lipsyte, who was surprised that more people didn't boo Pavarotti when he "parked and barked" his way through a performance.

Also, a look at "conspicuous conservation," when people go out of their way to engage in "green" activities. It turns out that driving a Prius may do a little bit of good for the planet, but being seen driving a Prius may do a lot of good -- for you, at least. Plus, why some people install solar panels on the shady side of the street. 

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