Apples, cider, tortilla tournament, ancient healing

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Brewer Benny Farber started playing around with making ciders along with beer in his backyard before opening Benny Boy Brewing with co-owner Chelsey Rosetter. Photo by Kat Hanegraaf.

Rare apple hunter Tom Brown, who's been crisscrossing his native North Carolina and beyond, is on a mission to find and save America's rare apples. Co-owners Chelsey Rosetter and Benny Farber are the duo behind Benny Boy Brewing, where they go beyond beer and are fermenting Basque-style and other fruited ciders. Emily Eversman of Proof Bakery has started research and development for fall recipes using apples from the farmer’s market. Gustavo Arellano gears up for the fifth consecutive Great Tortilla Tournament, breaking down brackets and the faceoff between corn and flour. Carrying on a legacy, Alexis Navarette recalls working on the weekends as a kid and connecting with the culture of his parents’ South LA restaurant.  Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel penned a definitive guide to the medicinal plant knowledge of Ashkenazi herbal healers, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.