10 perfect apricot recipes

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An apricot tart makes sweet use of summer produce. Photo by Alexandra Torro/Unsplash

Get yourself to a store or a farmers market and take advantage of all the glorious apricots that summer brings! Apricots are thought to have originated in China some 4,000 years ago. They were seeded in California in the early 1900s and now, 90% of the nation’s apricot crop is grown here in the Golden State. 

Apricot and Greek Yogurt Tart
This isn't any Apricot and Greek Yogurt Tart recipe, this is an easy Apricot and Greek Yogurt Tart recipe. And you can thank Good Food's former Market Report correspondent, Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, for it. Get the recipe

Mama’s Apricot Strudel with Cream Cheese Crust
Marilynn and Sheila Brass, aka the Brass Sisters, authors of Heirloom Cooking With the Brass Sisters: Recipes You Remember and Love, are responsible for this apricot strudel recipe, which has a whopping 40 servings. Get the recipe

Apricot Tart
This recipe comes from James Beard Award-winning chef Jim Dodge, former director of food and beverage services and special events at the Getty Museum. He is also a noted baker and has written Baking with Jim Dodge. Get the recipe

Apricot Pie with Almond Paste Streusel
Apricots are a tart kind of fruit and they have an affinity for almonds. Evan Kleiman often fills peaches and apricots with a filling made from Italian amaretti cookies. The oil of the bitter almond is what causes that sensational scent that we associate with the nut. And almond paste is coarser and less sweet than marzipan. Perfect for mixing into a streusel topping. Get the recipe

Apricots make delicious jams and preserves, whether they're paired with other fruits and flavors or used on their own. Photo by Elena Leya/Unsplash

Apricot & Saffron Jam
Amisha Gurbani brings a modern flair to time-honored Indian dishes in her cookbook, Mumbai Modern: Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by Indian Roots and California Cuisine. "I love pairing apricot with saffron, as it takes me right back to my childhood flavors of dried apricot and mithai—​Indian desserts with saffron," she writes. Get the recipe

Apricot and Rainier Cherry Jam
What isn't Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections doing with apricots? Until the Blenheims arrive, she is using Regier Family Farms' Castlebrite variety to make jam, pies, and more. Her apricot and cherry jam recipe is a summertime standout. Get the recipe

Apricot Hand Pies
Looking for a way to use up those last summer apricots? Try Michael Chiarello’s Apricot Hand Pies, from his book Live Fire: 125 Recipes for Cooking Outdoors. He makes these pies in a hot box (aka a box roaster). Originally used to prepare whole, charred pigs, it’s a large box made of wood and metal. You put the pie inside, close the box, and burn charcoal over the lid. But you can just use an oven. Get the recipe

When you don't want to eat apricots raw, you can use them in jams, salads, pies, and other desserts. Photo by lapshinakseniia/Unsplash

Valerie Gordon's Apricot Salad
Valerie Gordon tosses apricots with toasted almonds, fresh basil, honey, olive oil and crème fraîche for a refreshing summer salad. Get the recipe

Apricot Date Pie
Nope, this isn't a pie you bake for someone you fancy (if the object of your affection fancies apricots). This pie contains dates. But feel free to bake it for date night. Or while you watch Date Night. Apricot Date Pie comes from Rachel Kaganoff. Get the recipe

Apricot Ice Cream
Yes, you can make ice cream at home! And this relatively easy recipe from Amelia Saltsman will show you how. (If you want more complicated an elaborate ice cream recipes, may we suggest the new Wanderlust Creamery cookbook, which includes recipes such as Ube Maled Crunch, Pandan Tres Leches, Salted Kaya Toast, Ramune Sherbet, Strawberry Daifuku, Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, and Royal Prune Armagnac. Get the recipe